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As educational researchers committed to driving impact, increasing access is at the heart of everything we do. These are some of the ways we look for hidden barriers. And how we overcome them.

Ask “what’s the easiest way for families to access content?”

We know that content is only useful when it’s used. So in everything we create, we ask ourselves how we can make it easy for families to use it.

Which is why we chose text message as our approach to reaching families. With more than 95% of American adults under 50 using text messaging, it’s the single easiest way to support families wherever they are. Because our messages live as a thread on their phones, text also allows families to quickly scroll through all of our messages to find the right one when they need it.

And as we create additional services we’ve also taken an access-first approach. This includes translating our programs into 10+ languages, creating Core, Trauma-Informed, and developmental screening-driven Personalized Learning supports, versioning to meet unique community needs, and creating Workshop content that can be delivered in the way that best suits individual partners.

Finally, we proactively seek out family input, in alignment with the Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships. Quarterly surveys, listening sessions, and interviews are important to ensuring we continue meeting families where they are.


Remember that every word matters

We are extremely intentional with every word we send. Every message is an opportunity to connect with a family member. To inspire them and activate a learning moment. And it’s an opportunity we’re careful to honor. That’s why we:


  • Invest in cultural alignment for each of our 10+ languages, with content versioned as appropriate to ensure activities resonate for every community.
  • Consult with multiple experts, to ensure we’ve considered the real lived experience of the diverse families we serve.
  • Write every message to a 3rd grade reading level, using a strengths-based approach to every message.
  • Scaffold the curriculum, to make sure new skills are built on known skills.
  • Use only the people, places, and things most likely to be found in every family’s life when creating our text messages.

Commit to serving under-resourced communities

ParentPowered, home of Ready4K, is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). That means we’ve made a commitment to making a positive social impact. As a PBC, we have raised grant funds that allow us to provide the Ready4K program to economically disadvantaged communities. To date, we’ve funded over $2 million in grants to bring the Ready4K programs to tens of thousands of students across the country.


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    Start Your Equity Grant Application

    Ready4K is deeply committed to serving economically disadvantaged families. We’re proud to offer qualifying organizations an Equity Grant — to ensure that our highly-accessible, evidence-based family engagement solutions are available in every community. Awards are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage you to apply today.

    Learn more about Equity Grant Awards

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    Case Study: Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank

    Partnerships were a cornerstone to CKBB success in bringing Ready4K to nearly 5000 Cleveland families. “The ability to say 'we’ve done the vetting and it won’t cost you anything’ has been really important.”

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