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Supporting families is complex. Ready4K makes it simple. Now we’re crystallizing and sharing insights with you, our colleagues, too.

Family Math: Facing the Mathephant in the Room

Family math is one of the most important ways to increase student achievement. It can also be the most challenging for families to support. In this article, ParentPowered's content leaders Rebecca Honig, M.S. Ed, and Françoise Lartigue, M.S. Ed draw on their...

Read our recent blog post debunking commons assumptions about family engagement in education.

Family Engagement in Education: Transform These 4 Assumptions Into Assets

Rebecca Honig, Chief Content and Curriculum Officer of ParentPowered, recently joined Jessica Webster, Senior Family Engagement Specialist at MAEC, Inc in an engaging panel discussion to unpack why understanding the most common assumptions about family engagement can actually help educators move these partnerships towards a more promising future. 

What future exactly? Read on to learn more!

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