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Research: Innovative Approaches to Family and Community Engagement in Schools

Family and community engagement in schools - research

We’ve curated the latest news and articles on family and community engagement in schools. Learn which state is excelling in reading, and why the Deputy Chief of Family Engagement of one school district took a group of kids to prison. We also offer some insights and resources to support your family engagement efforts. We hope these articles and resources inspire you and offer new ideas as you head into the new year.

Top Read

Tennessee Students Rebound to Pre-Pandemic Reading Proficiency

Increasing childhood literacy skills Tennessee has been working hard to improve reading proficiency, and it’s paying off. Intensive tutoring, a mandatory switch to evidence-based reading instruction, and teacher training are paying off for students. Statewide assessment results show that the number of children meeting or exceeding English language arts standards rose from 29% in 2020-21 to 36.4% in 2021-22. 

You can also read more about Tennessee’s state level efforts to boost reading — an initiative we’re proud to be a part of.

Reads Worth Your Time

Philadelphia Leader Brings a Bold Approach to Family Engagement

Evie Blad, EdWeek

Reaching families wherever they are is key to the work we do at ParentPowered because it directly impacts student outcomes. That’s why we were inspired by the Philadelphia School District’s efforts to connect children with their fathers in prison. Innovative efforts like this engage families in student education, and help children understand that they can succeed. We hope that the District’s efforts spark ideas as we enter the new school year.

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First Multigenerational Study of Head Start Shows Significant Gains for Second Generation

By Colleen Sharkey

As we head back to school, this study offers a much-needed reminder of the positive impact educators have on children and their families. The study was conducted on multiple generations of Head Start students. It shows that students experienced a 6 to 11 percent increase in wages through age 50. Early childhood educators make a lifelong difference, and this study offers the data to prove it.

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Family and Community Engagement Resources

Supporting Immigrant Families with Collaboration

Learn how collaborations between schools and community organizations can help immigrant students and their families succeed. Read on.

Essential Middle School Family Engagement

Research shows that middle school family engagement is very different from elementary. Here are the four domains proven to engage families and help them support their middle school students.  Read on.

Partner Highlight

The Montana Migrant Education Program offers supplemental educational and supportive services to migrant families While many elements of a migrant student’s life are unpredictable, family can often be the most consistent. This means that family engagement is a central focus for Montana MEP. And for program manager Pat Lowthian, building strong relationships with migrant families starts with listening to their needs and priorities. Read more here.

I’m very aware of the stressors our families face regarding food and clothing insecurity and trying to pay their monthly bills… We are trying our very best to lift families up.”

— Pamela Lowthian, Montana MEP

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