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Research: Innovative Family and Community Engagement In Schools

Strong home-school connections

We’ve compiled an outstanding collection of resources and articles to support your efforts to improve home-school connections. You’ll find an indispensable guide to empowering families as leaders, and articles sharing important research. Finally, don’t miss the professional development section where you’ll find three important opportunities to earn continuing education credits while expanding your skills in family engagement.

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Building Leaders: An Educator’s Guide to Family Leadership

Families are invaluable partners at the heart of fostering student achievement and success in all aspects of the educational journey. As we seek to build strong school-family connections, this guide from MAEC offers much-needed tools to help educators cultivate informed family and community input and reaffirm the need for family voices.

Reads Worth Your Time

How Parents Can Shape a Child’s Future with Small Moments of Joy

By Perri Klass, MD, Washington Post

We love this article because it shows the true impact of small moments between parents and their children in supporting students’ education. These are the values we implement in our trauma-informed program. Small moments build bonds and support school engagement.

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Does Parent Involvement Really Help Students? Here’s What the Research Says

Libby Stanford, EdWeek

Research shows that parent involvement with reading activities has a positive impact on students’ attitudes toward reading, and level of attention in the classroom. When parents visit their children’s school, that contributes to a sense of safety among the students, ultimately improving school engagement. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Professional Development Opportunities

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Family Engagement in Education: Transform These 4 Assumptions Into Assets

Family Engagement in Education: Transform These 4 Assumptions Into Assets

Rebecca Honig, Chief Content and Curriculum Officer of ParentPowered, recently joined Jessica Webster, Senior Family Engagement Specialist at MAEC, Inc in an engaging panel discussion to unpack why understanding the most common assumptions about family engagement can actually help educators move these partnerships towards a more promising future. 

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