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Research: Addressing Learning Loss and Teacher Retention with Family Engagement

This month, we’ve compiled articles to support some of the biggest challenges schools and organizations are currently facing: teacher retention and learning recovery.

Teacher Survey: 2022 Results

Looking for strategies to improve teacher retention? This survey compares what satisfied and dissatisfied teachers say about their work. One fascinating finding: satisfied teachers are 26% more likely to say they have a good relationship with parents and community members.

Resources Worth Your Time

The Biggest Blind Spot in Education

Alejandro Gibes de Gac 

Engaging families is the only effective way to achieve learning recovery. It’s a bold statement, but could it be right? Read why Alejandro Gives de Gac says family engagement is crucial to closing learning gaps.

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How to Lead a Ready4K Family Workshop

By the Ready4K Team

Ease your teacher’s load with a complimentary on-demand training on giving outstanding workshops. We train you on how to deliver workshops that bring the whole family together to explore key topics like math, literacy, and science. Through interactive games, stories and activities, families discover new ways to turn everyday moments into learning moments.

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Family and Community Engagement Resources

Collaboration to Ease the Load on Schools

Schools can feel a lot of pressure to provide families with support beyond the classroom. This article shares insights from a successful school district partnership with a local community organization. We hope these strategies will offer schools and community organizations with insights and easy ways to lighten the workload. Read on.

Beyond Good Intentions

ParentPowered’s senior director of product, Maya Sussman shares strategies which you can use to activate your families as partners in their children’s learning. We invite you to read the 5 lessons learned from the research she’s done on how to activate families – no in-person meetings required. Read on.

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