SEL & Self-Care for Kids, Grown-Ups, and YOU

By Mary Westervelt, director of marketing and communications

We had a great time with everyone who joined us on Dec. 8, 2020 for this webinar on SEL for Kids, Grown-Ups, and YOU. All the resources we shared are available below, as well as sample messages you can share with your families.

Messages Families Use to Build SEL Skills

If you’re new to the importance of SEL in building school success skills, this article is a great place to start. Families have told us that these kinds of SEL support messages have been helpful during disruptions caused by COVID-19:

Calm Down Strategies & Breathing
Connecting with Others

Executive Function
Expressing & Understanding Emotions

Positive Encouragement

Resources for Supporting Your Grown-Ups

Self-Care Assessment Worksheet

Rebecca says: “It’s a short self-assessment that can act as a reminder of the different ways we need to care for ourselves. Great to share with families and staff.”

The Stress Continuum

Rebecca says: “It helps parents assess their levels of stress. If I were sharing this I might follow it with a link to a resource that to helps parents lower stress.”

Online Support Circles

Rebecca says: “They’re great questions for the foundation of a virtual gathering. And they’re really strengths-based.”

Ideas from YOU

Rebecca says: “These are the self-care ideas and SEL resources YOU shared during the webinar. Keep sharing your strategies and resources in the comments below.”

Resources for Supporting Your Kids

The Feelings Thermometer

Rebecca says: “At a glance, I know what it is, and how it’s going to help me as a parent.”

Calming Cube

Rebecca says: “I love this because parents generated these ideas together. It really represents their strengths, their expertise.”

Executive Function Videos

Rebecca says: “I see this as a parent and think, ‘Oh, that’s not too long. And it’s executive function strategies that will help my child learn at home.'”

Gratitude Conversation Cards

Rebecca says: “It can be great to provide a hands-on activity that a parent does not need to be involved in.”

Positive Self-Talk

Rebecca says: “It takes a fairly dense concept (growth mindset) and this puts it in VERY approachable, active terms.”

Self-Care and SEL Strategies from YOU

Self-Care Strategies

We asked the 400+ participants from across the country to share what they’re doing to take care of themselves these days. We captured as many of your suggestions as we could and have shared them here. You’ll see lots of repeats, because we love seeing how much we have in common.

Please add your additions in the comments below!

  • 4-7-8 breathing
  • Bike riding at the beach
  • Body Scans
  • Breathing
  • confidence
  • crafting
  • creating music
  • Daily Calm meditation
  • Daily walks/bike rides
  • Dance
  • Dark chocolate
  • deep breathing
  • deep breathing
  • end of day self-reflection
  • Exercise
  • Exercise
  • Exercise
  • Exercise
  • Exercising
  • exercising
  • Food
  • Food
  • Gardening
  • giving a bottle to my grand daughter
  • having a evening cup of coffee or tea listening to music
  • healthy eating
  • Jumping rope and exercising and taking naps
  • knitting
  • listen to music
  • Listen to music
  • listen to music
  • Listen to music
  • listening to gospel music
  • Listening to music in the mornings and before bedtime
  • Look for new things to learn
  • looking at pictures
  • lots of walking with my husband and even my son
  • Meditation
  • morning workout
  • Motivational videos
  • Movement
  • music
  • music
  • music
  • music
  • music
  • Music
  • Music
  • Music
  • My two dogs
  • Naps
  • Nature walks/trips
  • Netflix
  • Netflix
  • petting my pets
  • Play with dog
  • play with my cat
  • playing
  • Playing Music
  • prayer
  • prayer
  • Prayer
  • Praying
  • putting work away after hours
  • Reading
  • reading
  • reading
  • Reading
  • reading in bed
  • repeat mantras
  • Running
  • running
  • shut my phone off for an hour or so
  • sky breathing
  • sleep
  • Spa
  • spending time with family
  • Spending time with family
  • spending time with loved ones
  • Started using the treadmill
  • Starting the day with exercise
  • Step outside
  • stretching
  • swimming/running
  • Taking a daily walk
  • Therapy shopping
  • Time with family!
  • time with pet
  • video games
  • Walk and exercise
  • Walk in nature
  • walk in nature
  • Walking
  • walking
  • walking
  • walking with music
  • watching large bodies of water
  • Workplace Mindfulness Monday in Google Meet
  • yoga
  • yoga

SEL Resources

Participants shared some of their favorite SEL resources at the end of the webinar. If you have favorite resources, please pass them along, too.

Post them in the comments section to share the wealth.

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