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Research on Family Engagement and Communications: Boosting Summer Learning

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This month, we’ve curated content to help boost summer learning, and set students and their families up for success. We hope you find that the resources and insights make your work easier.

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English Learners Slide More During Summer

Language Magazine

It’s no surprise that English learners experience some of the greatest gaps from summer learning loss. And, it makes sense that high-quality summer programming can reverse this gap. Putting this into practice can take some work, and we want to make it easier with this article. Here, you’ll find a compilation of research on the opportunities and interventions that make a real difference.

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Can Schools Prevent Summer Learning Loss? A text messaging field experiment to promote literacy skills

Kraft MA, Monti-Nussbaum M. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 2017;674 (1) :85-112.

Researchers from Brown University explore the impact of text messaging on summer learning. They find that schools can use texts to partner with parents and boost students’ educational success. And, they show that text messaging is a cost-effective, low-lift way for schools to boost summer learning. If you are looking for ways to share the importance of digital family engagement with your colleagues, this article is a must-read.

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Practicing Kindergarten: How a Summer Program Eases Kids Into Learning

By Lisa Stark, EdWeek

Portland’s school district offers a successful three-week summer learning program for incoming kindergartners. Kids learn that school is fun and a safe space. At the same time, parents connect with each other and learn their way around the school. This program inspired us because it bridges home and school, and helps ease the transition into kindergarten for students and their caregivers.

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Set Your Families Up for Summer Success

This Thursday, don’t miss a complimentary webinar on summer learning success. You’ll learn practical tactics for inspiring learning during the summer. Discover which skills help maximize back-to-school success. And, receive resources to give families before this school year ends. Claim your seat here.

Resources, Case Studies, Stories and Research

summer fun
Summer Fun the Ready4K Way

So much about summer—with its shift in routine away from school to less predictable schedules, demands an approach that is simple and doable. Here are some strategies to share with your families and teams to make their summer more joyful. Read on.

summer learning slide
Insights: Preventing Summer Slide

As families enter the summer with limited options for childcare and engagement they will need continued support from the organizations that have already been supporting them the most. Here are some insights on how to keep kids’ brains engaged and in the routine of learning. Read on.

Partner Highlight

“It really changes the whole tone of the family, and the interactions of the family.”

— Executive Director Karen Pautz on Ready4K, First Five Siskiyou

“Until we started using Ready4K, I thought of family engagement as a face-to-face activity. But now I have a broader view of what we can do. It can be a struggle to get parents into school. Now that I’ve seen it in action, my idea of what family engagement means has gotten bigger.” Iris Estrada, Corpus Christi Independent School District.

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