Ready4K Core

Ready4K Core

The easiest way to deliver 52 weeks of evidence-based whole child support directly into families’ hands. Available from birth through Grade 8 families in multiple languages.

Includes report-ready family outcomes data and powerful scaffolds to the Ready4K Core family engagement curriculum.


NEW! Explore the Middle School curriculum for 6th – 8th grade families.

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Research shows the Ready4K approach can lead to 2-3 months of additional growth over the course of a school year.

Ready4K Core delivers a complete whole child curriculum to families via text messages, the most universally-available technology.

Each message supports healthy child development with actionable insights, research-based activities, and learning extensions that are:

  • Fast and fun to do, for kids and their grownups
  • Accessible to everyone — no extra materials required
  • Strengths based, building on existing family routines
  • Tailored to each child’s age, from birth to Grade 8.

Which is why parents and caregivers say that Ready4K gives them that “I can do this!” feeling.

Support Families in their Home Language

Ready4K Core provides culturally-responsive support in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hmong, Russian, Polish, and Burmese.

Interested in supporting families in another language? Reach out to discuss your community’s needs.

The Core Family Engagement Curriculum

Developed by educational researchers, the Ready4K Core family engagement curriculum is designed to provide parents and caregivers with age-differentiated insights, activities, and learning extensions.

The Core curriculum is aligned to the learning standards of all 50 states, ESSER, Title I, III, IV, and V, and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, PFCE Framework, and Quality Improvement initiatives.


Ages 0-3
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Language & Literacy
  • STEAM & Play
  • Physical Development
PK3 & PK4
  • Social Emotional Learning & Health
  • Language & Literacy
  • Math & Science
  • Technology and Engineering & the Arts
  • Play
  • Approaches to Parenting
  • Home & School Connections
Kindergarten-5th Grade
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • English Language Arts
  • Math & Science
  • Approaches to Parenting
  • Home & School Connections
6th Grade - 8th Grade
  • Academic Supports
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Home & School Partnerships
  • Approaches to Parenting
Core - Social Emotional Learning
family engagement

Start Your Equity Grant Application

Ready4K is deeply committed to serving economically disadvantaged families. We’re proud to offer qualifying organizations an Equity Grant — to ensure that our highly-accessible, evidence-based family engagement solutions are available in every community. Awards are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage you to apply today.

Learn more about Equity Grant Awards

Preview Sample Messages

Check out Ready4K messages for yourself. Each message is strengths-based, easy to understand, and gives families that “I can do it!” feeling. All while strengthening parenting muscles and sparking a standards-aligned learning moment.

No wonder over 94% of parents report increase confidence as a result of doing Ready4K activities!

Sample Units are available below in multiple languages.


Kindergarten Literacy
Core - SEL
Fourth Grade Math

What Partners Are Saying About Ready4K

“We need to invest in things that parents don’t have to show up for, things that show up for parents in their homes.”

Angela Glore
Executive Director
First 5 Del Norte

"We've all miscalculated how desperately families really wanted something like this."

James Pond
Governor's Early Literacy Foundation

"Parents really appreciate that it is simple, doesn't require anything additional, and stays on their phone."

Lori Krzeszewski
WAKE Up and Read
Wyoming Department of Education

"The biggest surprise was how easy the process was."

Amy Reyes
Early Learning Specialist
Wyoming DOE
Archdiocese of New York

"Ready4K is a great way to remind families that as a Catholic church, we're rooting for them."

Michael Coppotelli
Senior Associate Superintendent of Schools
Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York
San Francisco USD Logo

“The Ready4K program is a resource for families that is practical and will actually help them advance their child’s development not only academically but also socially and emotionally.”

Meenoo Yashar
Chief, Early Education Department
San Francisco Unified School District
Montana Migrant Education Program

“What I love about it is that I can send out messages like ‘we’ve got a meeting at this time and place.’ And they all get it — Boom.”

Pat Lowthian
Project Manager
Montana Migrant Education Program
United Way of Coastal Bend

“It’s not something that you have to manage. I don’t have to worry about putting together the data. And I don’t have to formulate a report - I love that part.”

Sherry Peterson
Director of Success by 6
United Way of Coastal Bend
Kamehameha Schools Logo

"I think Ready4K fills a need that no other program I've been able to find to date can fill."

Dr. Wai'ale'ale Sarsona
Vice President of the Hi‘ialo Group
Kamehameha Schools
Clark County School District

"Connect with families in such an easy format... with ideas that are easily usable... It almost seemed like a no-brainer -- like why wouldn't you?"

Domenic Russo
Lee Antonello Elementary School

Ready4K Partner Support

Low lift and high impact by design, Ready4K is easy to implement in minutes. All while providing the most robust family outcomes data in the field.

Every Ready4K program comes with implementation and data reporting supports, including:

  • One-click enrollment
  • Advanced data & analytics tools
  • Quarterly family engagement surveys, delivered by text
  • End-of-Year impact reports
  • Teacher supports, including newsletters

Check out all of these features and more on the Ready4K Dashboard.


What Parents Are Saying about Ready4K Core

"They remind me of ways that I can continue to support her growth and development!"

"The tips and activities provided in the messages have been easy to incorporate into our daily routine and have noticeably improved our interactions and has given us the opportunity to make our normal activities more fun."

"Ready4K has helped a lot when she gets upset. Instead of getting upset she is now able to control her feeling by not getting frustrated but rather she will fold clothes or her favorite, matching socks and taking counting and taking 3 deep breaths"

"They have helped me be calmer dealing with him and they have helped me to help him communicate better with others"

"After doing activities together I believe our relationship is stronger. Her communication skills are growing every day and everything I do to encourage them helps!"

"There is an over-saturation of things to read and you can feel inadequate. Getting these texts feel like reassurances."

“[My favorite activity is] listening and talking with my son. Devices tend to get in the way of living in todays era, it's nice to put them away and actually communicate with each other. It's important.”

“The tips on how to handle a stressful situation have been helpful. Tips like yesterday's that end by saying "It happens to ALL parents" remind me that I'm not alone with my feelings, failures and frustrations.”

“I understand more about their thought process and developing mind to look past big emotions. Plus, I find a lot of the activities suggested improve quality time and learning opportunities which help lessen the impact and frequency of big emotions. Thank you”

Not long ago we got a letter from our first graders school teachers saying he would be pulled out of his small group reading intervention because he had surpassed all of his goals. Not only that but we have watched as he has grown and opened up like a little flower. Where once he was so painfully shy he no longer is. He has grown in self confidence and so many other ways. I attribute most of this to the texts you send with ideas and so much more. Even right down to keeping my own sanity when things are hectic and chaotic. I can't say enough about these great texts!

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Ready4K Core is an easy way to meet state and federal learning goals.

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