Ready4K Equity Grant

Equity Grant

ParentPowered, home of Ready4K, received new grant funding to help organizations support their economically disadvantaged families.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Do you serve economically disadvantaged families?

Ready4K Equity Grant awards, which are based on the percentage of economically disadvantaged families an organization serves, help cover a portion of the costs of Ready4K for up to 3 years.

Awards are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Equity Grant Award Levels

Ready4K is deeply committed to serving economically disadvantaged families. That’s why we’re proud to offer qualifying organizations an Equity Grant — to ensure our high quality family curriculum is available in every community.

Head Starts and Schools & Districts with 80% or more of their students eligible for free and reduced price lunch qualify for the maximum award levels. Awards for other organizations are based on percentage of economically disadvantaged families served, with awards up to:

Tier 1

Commit to implementing Ready4K for

1 year

Program Fees Covered:

75% of fees

Tier 2

Commit to implementing Ready4K for

2 years

Program Fees Covered:

100% of year 1

25% of year 2

Tier 3

Commit to implementing Ready4K for

3 years

Program Fees Covered:

100% of year 1

50% of year 2

What Parents Are Saying About Ready4K

"Getting ideas to help them engage in conversation, understanding different objects and shapes the represent."

"They're always a good reminder to be intentional with my child when we do day-to-day activities."

"With the suggestions you suggest I use them right away & use them over & over. My daughter remembers repetition & she is progressing very well."

"It has increased her engagement with us and us with her, so that has been nice!"

"I have found ways for her to elaborate conversationally in ways I wouldn't normally have thought of."

"[Ready4K] is the same as having a life coach.. .very well needed and appreciated."

"With working full time, picking up from daycare, there is precious little time in the evening to connect with the family beyond dinner, these ideas help 👍."

"I appreciate the thoughtful suggestions and recommendations as daily reminders to be proactive in my children's development."

"Nos van guiando a sacar provecho de cada cosa cada sonido todo lo enseñado aplica hasta para mi bebé que tiene 15 meses y se ven los resultados ([Ready4K] guides us to take advantage of each thing, each sound. Everything they've taught applies even to my baby, who is 15 months old, and I can see the results.)"

"Que es muy importante la comunicación y también La forma de comunicarnos con los hijos pequeños para ayudarlos en su aprendizaje. ([I've learned] that communication is very important and also how to communicate with young children to help them in their learning.)"

Ready4K Programs Include:

Ready4K Curricula

Your choice of Ready4K curriculum. All are sent to families using the most equitable technology available: text message.

Core whole child


Personalized Learning

Partner Support

Everything from one-click enrollment to supplemental teacher and family resources to dashboard access. 

Impact Data

Family outcomes data includes engagement, quarterly family survey results, and an End-of-Year Impact Report.

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