How to Fund Ready4K

As an evidence-based family engagement program, Ready4K is an allowable use of many state and federal education funding sources. And if you serve economically disadvantaged families, apply for our Equity Grant today.

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Start Your Equity Grant Application

Ready4K is deeply committed to serving economically disadvantaged families. We’re proud to offer qualifying organizations an Equity Grant — to ensure that our highly-accessible, evidence-based family engagement solutions are available in every community. Awards are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage you to apply today.

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Schools and Districts

Ready4K is a high impact, low lift way to use your Title I, Title III, Title IV, Title V, and ESSER dollars.

Title I

Ready4K qualifies as part of any school or
district’s required written parent and family engagement policy, as well as for the 1% of Title I funds reserved for Parent and Family Engagement.

Eligibility Summary


Ready4K meets all of the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund, including ARP ESSER and ESSER III Funds.

Eligibility Summary

Title III

Ready4K qualifies as part of any school or district’s required written parent and family engagement policy, as well as for the Title III funds reserved for Parent, Family and Community Engagement.

Eligibility Summary

Head Start

These are some of the funding strategies Head Starts have used to bring Ready4K Core, Ready4K Trauma-Informed, and Ready4K Personalized Learning to their families.

Head Start Trauma Informed

Informed by SAMHSA’s 4Rs, built on a robust evidence base, and closely aligned to Head Start requirements, Ready4K Trauma-Informed can be supported through funds set aside for family engagement, Head Start Quality Improvement Funds, and COVID-19 funding, among others.

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PFCE Framework

Ready4K has the strongest evidence base in the field, meeting all requirements of the Head Start Compendium of Parent Interventions. Ready4K also supports the Head Start Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework through positive, goal-oriented relationships.

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Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF)

Ready4K leverages the power of text messaging to send evidence-based messages addressing each of the Central Domains in the ELOF: Social & Emotional Development; Language & Literacy; Cognition; and, Perceptual, Motor, & Physical Development.

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