Mental Health in Schools: Creative ways to make it better

School climate and student mental health play a critical role in every child’s ability to succeed in school. That’s why our family engagement curricula include messaging to bolsters student and parent well-being. It’s core to our mission of supporting all children in succeeding. We know that positive school climate is core to the work you’re doing every day as well. And so, we’re sharing some innovative ideas from educators around the country, along with resources to help you support families and students in your communities.

Top Resource

Highly Effective Family Engagement

Join family engagement experts from MAEC and ParentPowered to learn low-lift ways to increase well-being throughout your school. Hosted by the National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement (NAFSCE), this effective practice webinar will share research-based insights to increase:

  • School climate
  • Teacher satisfaction
  • Student achievement
  • Family health and wellness

You’ll gain tools to help you identify ways to work within your existing structures and daily classroom routines.

Reads Worth Your Time

Mental health professional pipeline
Transforming Student Mental Health

Libby Stanford, EdWeek

EdWeek met up with Andria Amador for a deep dive into the program she developed to ensure a mental health professional pipeline in Boston public schools. As a result, the district has been able to maintain a much-needed level of mental health services to students. We hope this article sparks some new ideas about how to achieve better mental health support in schools.

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Mental health partnership
Los Angeles County Mental Health Partnership

Hannah Saunders, State of Reform

We love it when educators harness the power of technology to increase resources to students. You’ve seen how our program can directly increase student achievement (if you haven’t, reach out). So we know you’ll appreciate this new initiative LACOE is using to connect students to mental health services by phone.

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Family and Community Engagement Resources

Mental health resource
Fundamental Resources for Parents

Students thrive when their families have the resources they need. That’s why we created this guide to Basic Needs and Mental Health Resources. It’s available in English and Spanish. Please share widely with school families.

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Active Listening to Boost School Climate

Encouraging families to engage in active listening at home will help parents feel more connected to their kids and their schools, and help everyone build foundational skills for healthier school climates.

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