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Check out Workshop Clips and Question Corner videos to experience Family Workshops for yourself. Watch our in-depth webinars for deeper dives into supporting families from afar. Or check out our Modeled Moments and Ready4K videos to learn more about our programs.

Learn What Ready4K Can Do For You and Your Families

Essential Middle School Family Engagement

Learn what just-right middle school engagement looks like, and why it really matters!

Question Corner

How can I encourage my son to listen?

The Mistakes Song
Workshop Clips

Layla sings about why mistakes are so important and how what we can do when we make a mistake.

Wiggle When I'm Rhyming
Workshop Clips

DJ Sound leads us in a fun rhyming game.

Playing with a Spoon
Workshop Clips

Join the Ready4K cast as they show you their favorite ways to play with a spoon.

Creating a Calming Corner
Workshop Clips

Professor Eureka tells us all about her Calming Corner and how you can create one, too.

My Math Anxiety
Question Corner

How can I deal with my math anxiety when helping my child?

Back to School Changes
Question Corner

How do you deal with the change in going back to school and giving my children confidence?

Kids Helping Out
Question Corner

How can I encourage my daughter to help and lend a hand?

How to Get Family Feedback from Afar

Practical insights on how to survey families to get the feedback you need.

How to Host a Can't-Miss Virtual Family Workshop

Learn how to create virtual events families won’t want to miss. Includes specific tips on getting families to read (and accept) your invitations.

Innovative Approaches to Support Families with Young Children
About Ready4K

An introduction to the Ready4K Approach and the three Ready4K curricula.

How to Fight the Summer Slide

Get practical tips and protocols designed to keep the learning going all summer long.

Family Engagement at Your Fingertips

Hear from a Head Start professional on how he uses digital family engagement to support his Head Start families.

Michigan Family Engagement

Three Michigan educators share their approaches to family engagement for their early childhood education programs.

SEL for Kids, Families, and YOU

Put research into practice with this webinar. Includes multiple protocols and tips for integrating SEL into your family engagement work.

Enrolling Families in Ready4K
About Ready4K

Quick introduction to enrolling families through our 1-click system.

Custom Messaging and Surveys
About Ready4K

Send families your own messages and text-based surveys through your Ready4K dashboard.

Data and Reporting
About Ready4K

Walk-through on accessing your Ready4K data and impact reports.

Counting Stirs
Ready4K Modeled Moment

Learn math through everyday moments.

Ready4K Modeled Moment

Create a learning game in moments.

Counting Socks
Ready4K Modeled Moment

Turn laundry time into a math moment.

Ready4K Modeled Moment

Find a literacy-building moment as you get ready for the day.

Questions Spark Learning
Ready4K Modeled Moments

Ask a fun question to spark imagination, literacy skills, and communication skills.

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