Head Starts

Head Starts

Highly accessible, evidence-based family engagement aligned to the Head Start Early Learnings Outcomes and PFCE Frameworks — with easy implementation through ChildPlus.

Meets all requirements of the Head Start Compendium of Parent Interventions, with Trauma-Informed support for your agency’s Quality Improvement efforts.


NHSA and ParentPowered have teamed up to offer enhanced family engagement support.

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Empower your families


Ready4K evidence-based family engagement curricula make it easy to give families what they need to support your Head Start learning goals. Each week, parents and caregivers receive text messages with fun facts and easy tips on how to promote their children’s development by building on existing family routines – like pointing out letters on the shampoo bottle during bath time and naming their sounds.

Want an extra level of support? Ready4K Trauma-Informed is designed to support families who have experienced multiple ACEs and is a great way to connect families with concrete resources.

Do you use the Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ®-3)? Ready4K Personalized Learning curates a custom curriculum based on your students’ screener results, provides referrals when appropriate, and sends reminders to take the next screener.


Parent, Family & Community Engagement Made Easy

With every Ready4K curriculum, we make it easy for you to deliver a great family engagement program to your families. 


  • Ready4K is available in 10+ languages
  • Three unique programs give you flexibility to focus on what matters to you
  • Enroll all families with one click with ChildPlus
  • Send your own messages to connect families to local resources
  • Analyze data on demand
  • Loop teachers into the conversation with newsletters for each Ready4K unit
  • See the impact on your families with family engagement surveys and an End-of-Year Impact Report

What Parents Receiving Ready4K Messages Say

"The messages give me reassurance that we are learning age appropriate life skills and that my child is on the right path to being ready for K!"

Age Range: PK

"These texts have given me ideas for games to play, and advice on how to handle new situations. Very helpful!"

Age Range: Toddler

"I feel more confident because they give me an idea of what is age appropriate for my children."

Age Range: Elementary

"I dig it! Not too heavy handed, but helpful tips."

Age Range: Infant

"We’re spending more quality time together by working through the different suggested activities. We have more one on one time."

Age Range: Elementary

"Thus is my 1st time receiving text regarding parenting information and so far I am loving it."

Age Range: PK

"They provide quick easy activities that I can do with my child."

Age Range: Infant

"I love getting the text and the information is very useful."

Age Range: Elementary

"They remind me of ways that I can continue to support her growth and development!"

"The tips and activities provided in the messages have been easy to incorporate into our daily routine and have noticeably improved our interactions and has given us the opportunity to make our normal activities more fun."

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Request an Equity Grant Application

Ready4K is deeply committed to serving economically disadvantaged families. We’re proud to offer qualifying organizations an Equity Grant — to ensure that our highly-accessible, evidence-based family engagement solutions are available in every community.

Head Starts automatically qualify for the highest grant funding level.

Learn more about Equity Grant Awards

How Ready4K Works

Enroll families with one click

The Ready4K report in ChildPlus enables programs to easily enroll all of their families in one click —  in multiples languages for multiple ages.


Your families will begin receiving texts

Each week, parents receive texts with fun facts and tips on how to support their children’s development by building on daily routines.

Increase your impact

Support families all year long. You can also send custom messages, track click data, and survey families to learn what matters most to them.

Watch your families grow

Quarterly family engagement surveys and end of year impact reports show how your families are growing with Ready4K.

Ready4K Products

Choose the Ready4K curriculum that best meets your program’s goals.

Ready4K Core

Head Start-aligned whole child parenting curriculum to spark everyday learning moments

Learn More

Core - PK3 Math


Aligned to the protective factors framework to give families an additional layer of support

Learn More

Social and Emotional Competency of Children

Personalized Learning

Personalized curriculum based on a child’s Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ®-3) screener results

Learn More

Gross Motor

Wondering which solution is the best fit for your families?

What Partners Say about Ready4K

“We need to invest in things that parents don’t have to show up for, things that show up for parents in their homes.”

Angela Glore
Executive Director
First 5 Del Norte

"We've all miscalculated how desperately families really wanted something like this."

James Pond
Governor's Early Literacy Foundation

"Parents really appreciate that it is simple, doesn't require anything additional, and stays on their phone."

Lori Krzeszewski
WAKE Up and Read
United Way of Coastal Bend

“It’s not something that you have to manage. I don’t have to worry about putting together the data. And I don’t have to formulate a report - I love that part.”

Sherry Peterson
Director of Success by 6
United Way of Coastal Bend
Sequatchie Valley Head Start

"It's old school, new school. It's innovative, but then the text messaging... it's a quick read. And just like that this can reach so many families."

Christy Vandergriff
Assistant Director
Sequatchie Valley Head Start

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Ready4K Funding

Looking for ways to fund your Ready4K program? We can help.

Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF)

Ready4K leverages the power of text messaging to send evidence-based messages addressing each of the Central Domains in the ELOF: Social & Emotional Development; Language & Literacy; Cognition; and, Perceptual, Motor, & Physical Development.

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Head Start Trauma Informed

Informed by SAMHSA’s 4Rs, built on a robust evidence base, and closely aligned to Head Start requirements, Ready4K Trauma-Informed can be supported through funds set aside for family engagement, Head Start Quality Improvement Funds, and COVID-19 funding, among others.

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PFCE Framework

Ready4K has the strongest evidence base in the field, meeting all requirements of the Head Start Compendium of Parent Interventions. Ready4K also supports the Head Start Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework through positive, goal-oriented relationships.

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